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Platinum Coach Brooke

NZ House Of Platinum is now providing sex & intimacy coaching 

Ejaculation control?

I am now offering a place for escorts wanting to fast track how to get started as an independent R18 service provider in a safer, professional way from learning vetting practices and accessing message templates to developing boundaries and how to manage the many situations that come up in bookings, while maintaining a clean and safer sex environment.

From cleaning to a high standard in between bookings to making sure you have well developed boundaries, coaching allows you to to be mentored by a fellow sex worker who has developed a system that has been highly successful.  

Since I began sex work, I have been passionate about upholding practices that support consistent boundaries with the mindset of also protecting my fellow R18 service providers.  If my boundaries slip, then that client may expect the same from another provider.

I have trained fellow sex workers to NZ House OF Platinum standards where clients can enjoy knowing they are 


A variety of modalities can be used during the course of your sessions. These may include hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K, breathwork, touch, practising communication, bodywork, exploring fantasies, support with seduction techniques, practising with dating, and hands-on support for your specific requirements. 

How to Start?

Start with a 30-minute initial consultation where you can meet your coach, discuss your concerns, and decide whether it's the right fit for you. Each session after the initial consultation is tailored around your specific needs.


30-minute initial consultation

First 60-minute session/talk-based

Light experiential sessions

In-depth full experiential session

To schedule a consultation, please use the form on this page.

Schedule a consultation

Duration Required

Booking request received. Thank you! 

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