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Rimming 101

We have had some keen interest in this area recently, so this is clarification for those who have become curious about how escorts provide rimming services - good on you for showing interest and welcome! I'll go into one particular case, where it was assumed we do this naturally (without protection), so here's a few facts. I also hope this will provide people who have been thinking about adding rimming into their bookings with some more information.


Rimming is the act of orally pleasuring the anus. To clarify, the majority of escorts who follow safe sex protocol aren't licking their clients anus without using protection (dental dams) and then going home to kiss their partner and/or family members. This has been suggested as something myself and other escorts do if rimming is listed in their services - shared in a derogatory way that feeds the ongoing stigma surrounding sex work and perpetuates seeing our industry in a derogatory light. It's through lack of knowledge and education that one would make such an inaccurate leap in assumptions so let's take the guessing out so you're up with the play (excuse the pun).


At NZ House Of Platinum our clients follow certain protocol in order to make a booking, stay in a booking, and return to enjoy another booking. Safe sex and respect is a core foundation within all our services.


Firstly, any booked service is provided at the escorts discretion. This applies to every client, every service and every booking. Our escorts decide what they are or are not comfortable with.


Secondly, if booking 'rimming', a client needs to check with the escort first whether the service listed is on her, or on the client. Each escort has their own boundaries. Some escorts, like myself, may only receive rimming. Terms such as oral and rimming are general terms relating to the 'act'. These are further broken down to 'giving rimming' or 'receiving rimming'. When a client is making a booking requesting certain services, this is all established at the time of the booking enquiry.


Thirdly a dental dam is used when giving rimming. This is a sheath that goes over the anal area so the tongue has no contact with the clients skin at all. We do not provide natural services.

The health and safety of the escort and the client is paramount. Having been educated on safe sex in order to work within this industry and being focused every day and every booking on safe sex, it's always in the forefront of our minds. This not only protects us, but also provides a safe service for our clients.


It is unfortunate however, that there are a number of people within the general community that continue to feed the stigma surrounding sex work, referring to our services as dirty or unsafe and spreading misinformation that is inaccurate and based on very few facts.

I would personally feel safer booking a reputable escort for intimate services than seeking an online hook up or someone outside the sex industry who may not be as aware of what safe sex practices include - it's not just about using a condom during intercourse.


So, to this particular case, I'm happy to say that the fantasy you have had over how I provide rimming is very preconceived and is simply just that, a fantasy. Just like you know the ins and outs of your vocation, so do most reputable escorts. And funnily enough we have something in common - I love fantasies! But I keep them as just that and don't share them with others as if they are true.


I hope this has been helpful and has shed a little light on rimming. If you have been curious about including rimming in a service, I hope this gives you an idea of how it works in a booking, and how to clarify whether you're wanting 'giving' or 'receiving' rimming at the time of making your booking, making sure that matches what the escort is providing.


There's more fun and informative articles to come so stay tuned. If you have any requests you'd like more information about, or if you have any questions relating to this article, please fee free to contact me:

Brooke Harper
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