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Sensation Play Erotica

Sensation Play Massage ~ heightened pleasure ...

We are keen to lead you into our fun world of kink.  And what better way to start than with a sensual massage infused with a smorgasbord of erotic sensation play designed to heighten arousal and take you on a journey of absolute bliss. 

If you are a lover of an exquisite sensual massage and enjoy the play of heightening pleasure you will melt into this service.

Sensation play is introduced within our delectable sensual massage to offer you an experience of just enjoying the moment to moment pleasure, catering specifically to your own personal preferences. 

With the focus being put on a variety of pleasurable sensations throughout the whole body and a number of different senses, sensation play can assist you to let go of the pressures that often come with solely focusing on the genitals as well as heightening arousal.  

Our sensation play massage is pleasure based, exploring various sensations from different textures, different temperatures and even sensory deprivation such as blindfolding or restraints as part of the experience.  We have an array of implements that often are not used in the bedroom, to create a smorgasbord of pleasure, mystery and take you on a journey of moment to moment exhilaration.  Each massage can be quite different from the one before.  

This service is perfect for beginners wanting to dabble in low key entrance level kink, or for connoisseurs of sensual touch.  For all newbies, to help hone your inclinations at the time of booking we can ask a series of questions which give us a great starting point in designing a truly sensational experience. 


After you've dipped your toes in the water you may find your preferences start to lean towards certain aspects of sensation play, such as wanting to focus on temperature play.  We can tailor your sessions around your developing inclinations.  

How exciting!  Lets play!

Sensation Play Massage Prices








Indulge the senses

Sensation play as a kink takes your senses to another level.  Whether it's the light touch of satin ribbons slowly sweeping over your skin or the changing sensations of temperature play, you are taken on a journey of moment to moment ecstasy, leaving you in a state of bliss.


Sensation Play Massage Options

Sensation Play Massage: 

Sensual massage, sensation play, light intimate touching, relief. 

60 minutes


75 minutes

90 minutes



VIP Sensation Play Massage:  (includes 1 extra)

Sensual massage, sensation play, light intimate touching, one extra at the discretion of your escort (oral on you, oral on her, prostate massage, toys on you, toys on her, COB, gentle fingering, kissing), relief.

60 minutes

75 minutes


90 minutes


Straight Double Sensation Play Massage: 

Treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime.  

Two goddesses pampering you, 4 hands instead of two to fill your senses with rapture.  Sensual massage, sensation play, light intimate touching, relief.

60 minutes


75 minutes


90 minutes

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