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Vacancy available

Become a NZ House of Platinum Escort

Are you looking for an adventurous, independent lifestyle in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay, with excellent financial rewards and the devotion of professional, respectful clients who appreciate your beauty, intelligence, and personality?


Curious about the world of escorting and sex work? Want to explore your sexuality in a safe environment? Do you absolutely adore sex? Are you looking for an occupation that is lucrative and flexible in terms of how many hours you work?

“I’ve been working in the escort business in New Zealand for eight years, so I completely understand what’s involved in being a successful escort, and what supports are needed so that working women enjoy safe and secure working conditions.”


A unique lifestyle opportunity in Hawke’s Bay

NZ House of Platinum is a premium house of pleasure in Hawke’s Bay. Brooke will soon be requiring extensive time off following surgery and she is looking for a replacement to look after her regular clientele while she recovers.  This could also be an ongoing position.  We would love to hear from you if you're interested in joining us to provide a range of services for our discerning clientele. We support you to start working as an escort whether you’re brand new to the industry, or an experienced escort looking for a fresh start. This is a great opportunity for you to work at the top end of the adult industry!


Our carefully selected providers are trained to work under our name according to NZ House of Platinum standards. Providers  keep the money they earn from their work, while paying a commission for the use of our premises, advertising and for operating under our brand.  If you are interested in moving to Hawkes Bay to be Brookes replacement for a minimum period of 3 months, accommodation may be available for the right person.

FAQs - answers to some of your questions about working with us:

What do we offer?

NZ House of Platinum is set up so you and your clients can enjoy the level of privacy and discretion any independent escort requires. Brooke Harper is an experienced escort and supportive Madam, and your workplace will be private, secure and monitored. No cameras will be allowed in the rooms.

What will my clients be like?

NZ House of Platinum is a premium escort group for discerning, well-mannered gentlemen who value a high standard of service, and the company of women with personality as well as beauty. The majority of our clients are 30 to 55 years of age, and from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and level of experience with escorts. Popular escorts see more regular clients as well as new bookings. We match what a client requests with the escort that can best meet their needs.

What will we pay you?

You will retain the money you earn from your escort work at NZ House of Platinum, while paying us a commission for working under our brand, the use of our premises, and advertising.

How much work will I get?

The number of client appointments you can get is dictated by the number of hours and days you want to work each week. This is determined entirely by you. It depends on how you want to approach your role as an escort. The more successful you are, the more regulars you will tend to have.

What look are you after?

The escorts we hire will have a combination of physical allure with a friendly and positive personality, intellect, and reliability. You need to be over 18 years of age, and preferably have minimal tattoos and piercings.

What will the working environment be like?

NZ House of Platinum services are set up to provide our respectful clients with a discreet, premium, in-house escort experience. We also want our escorts to have an exceptional environment in which to enjoy their work. This means we’re drug and smoke-free, supportive, and professional. The facilities are classy, in keeping with our top-end brand.

What happens if I recognise a client?

This is New Zealand, so occasions may arise when you know a client who’s made a booking with you. What happens in this situation? You will be able to see your clients as they arrive. If you recognise someone, you won’t have to see them, though you’ll need to let us know immediately so we can politely cancel the booking without disclosing the reason.

What hours do I have to work?

As an independent contractor to NZ House of Platinum, you’ll be able to choose the hours you work, to suit your schedule and lifestyle, also keeping in mind we need certain hours covered within the weekly roster. While there is no minimum hourly requirement, it’s likely we’ll be more interested in escorts who want to make the most of their opportunity.

How do I know my identity will be protected?

Your privacy and protection is our main priority. We will never disclose any of your private information to anyone. Any photos of you taken on NZ House of Platinum premises are only for use on our website, and only while you are working with us.

Is training provided?

We’re all about providing an environment you enjoy working in, and where clients are impressed and excited about the quality of service they receive, and want to return. We’ll provide you with initial training to help you practice safe and consensual sex and learn our signature services whether kinky or straight.  Ask us if there’s something you need to know - we’re supportive of you and we want to help you to succeed. Your own natural ability and willingness to learn as you go along will be your greatest assets.

Is there a standard type of service I have to provide?

The most requested service by our clients is the full service. This involves our signature lingam massage, sexual intercourse, mutual oral and cuddling. Protection is compulsory for oral and intercourse. However we support you to provide the services that you are comfortable with. This may mean you chose to start with just offering the sensual and lingam massage before diving into full services. We provide training for our escorts to be proficient in the art of providing a superior massage and combined with your unique personality, qualities and sensuality you will have an x-factor clients will love.



Can I decline a client or a request?
You can say no to a client at any time if you feel uncomfortable with him or what is being requested, whether he is a new client or someone you have seen previously. We will support your decision and would never compel your to see someone you don’t want to see, or provide a service you don’t feel comfortable about.

How do I apply?

Once you’ve checked out this website to get an idea about our brand and services, complete the form below - tell us in the space provided why you want to be a NZ House of Platinum escort, your age, the hours you would be interested in working and let us know more about you.   You are also required to email Brooke three recent photos of yourself (to: to show us the look you want our clients to see (your face does not need to be included). We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and for successful applicants the next step is to arrange a meeting to discuss your application further. All information and photos you send us will be kept strictly confidential. We will not share your personal information and/or images with anyone. Please note: we have a zero tolerance to drugs on our premises as well as working while under the influence of drugs.

If you have any questions,
call Brooke on 027 6969 021.
or email

Ready to Start your New Career?

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Please fill in the form below, and also email three recent photos of yourself to

So we can identify your pictures, please include your preferred name in the email's subject field, and also in the file name of the images (JPEG or PNG format).

Thanks for your expression of interest. We will be in touch soon!

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