Brooke's signature without a doubt are her stockings.  Her clients are greeted at the door in gorgeous lingerie, stockings and heels.


Now you can enjoy the beautiful lingering scent of her insatiable hot, steamy sexual encounters.    Imagine the sweaty memories of a passionate session, the remnants of a juicy lingam massage used as an entree before the main course and the scent of  two sweaty bodies mixed into one aroma from a passionate sexual encounter.   This is definitely something for all those voyeurs out there.  


Brookes favorite opaque stockings have either a lace top or satin finish top.  Her opaque stay ups show all the good stuff you'll love savoring. 


What are you waiting for?!   Order now, and allow 14 days for fresh delivery to your doorstep.  


Items are genuinely prepared just for you, discreetly packaged and placed in a ziplock baggie to keep freshness alive.  Your item is sent only once fully ready.







Brooke Mixed Scented Stockings for Voyeurs